“ICHI GO, ICHI E” every meeting is unique!!!


Rome from   10 to  12  June 2016

I lent the kangi  Shihan Keiko Wakabayashi, gave as a present to our great guest: Roland Maroteaux (France), George Popper (Hungary),  Pham Xuan Tong (Vietnam-France), Auvo Niiniketo (Finland), Istvan Kelemen Hungary, Rigan Machado (Brasil), Paul Hoglund (Sweden) during the  40° Congress of the  Wjjf/Wjjko 1976 and the Open of Italy at the Olympic centre - “PalaPellicone” Ostia Rome.


If we use this phrase  “Rem tene, verba sequentur” by  Marco Porcio Catone (234 b.C. about  – 149 b.C.), after the words we need the facts, we can have an idea about was the  ju jitsu, with the support of the Fijlkam, headed by Dott. Domenico Falcone, by the  president of the t.c. jujitsu Master Giancarlo Bagnulo.
the success cannot stop our estimations about the path of the national and international ju jitsu could do to become more incisive.


Let’s talk about numbers: on the  11 tatami more than  600 participants of the two organizations Fijlkam and Wjjf/Wjjko; 600 people. And, only adults not children. More than 350 athletes in the respective competitions; 50 master of the  28 Nations participating, beside Italy: Australia, Bulgaria, Brasil, Cuba, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Uk , Greece Guatemala, Ireland, Israel, Kuwait, Netherland, Poland, Republic Czek, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerand, Turkey, Hungary, Usa
Sponsor of this initiative which has touched our heart  for the social aim  Sammy Basso (HGPS) who suffers of the sindrome  Hutchinson-Gilford or “progeria” , the Doct. Marina Di Bussolo Pellicone, president of the  “Foundation Matteo Pellicone”

What to add? The spirit od the budo has to be to stay all together. We are growing but without words, hego ect.

We grow using the persona experience for all, as Rome proved.


Gsb, president, founder with  Soke Robert Clark (1946 – 2012) of the  Wjjf before ; Wjjko later and now Wjjf/Wjjko 1976” since  1 January  2017,  honorary president, has put together


-  3 chairman: Amir Barnea (Israel), Stefano Draghi (Italy), David Toney (Ireland)
- 5 vice chairman: Bruce Bethers (Usa) Nord America; Josef Oberhollenzer (Germany) Europe; Peter Pace (Australia) Australasia; Hesham Saleh Aljaser (Kuwait) Asian and Arab Country; Kozo Kuniba (Giappone) Far East.


the technical commission will follow.


-       we would like to plaudit for the job done Shihan Cesare Livio Proia, for the competition who will be one of our permanent member about the competition.



Thanks to  the organization  team Bertoletti headed by  Natascia president Wjjf/Italy and general secretary - Tatiana, Katia – and by the  Vice president Wjjf/Italy Stefano Draghi: Giorgia Milano, Marisa Riccio, Andrea Bove, Mirko Di Cristofaro, Daniele Scala, Giuliano Garbuio, Augusto Falconi


To conclude least but not   last: a special thanks to  Shihan Giancarlo Koliotassis (Ko ryu Kaizen) for his sensibility of a touch  “tocco di nettare di Bacco”.


And to our always sponsor the Oriente Sport of Enos Casarini & C.






Text and Photo. GSB


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